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Blockchain 3.0 is the new frontier of blockchain innovation. The next generation of blockchains is to build more complex applications and smart contracts. It goes beyond cryptocurrency transactions and focuses on developing decentralized applications (Dapps) that have diverse functions and are hosted by many hosts.

Blockchain 3.0 refers to the third generation of blockchain technology, which can help create a whole new internet world. It is based on Blockchain 1.0 (Bitcoin) and 2.0 (smart contract), which still uses blockchain technology as a core tool for information storage and transmission. 

Still, it is different from Bitcoin or Ethereum because it is a separate network chain and can support decentralized applications based on smart contracts.

Blockchain 3.0 technology is expected to have multiple use cases across industries, including finance, banking, health care, insurance, and the public sector. EOSIO, SkyCoin, and other cryptocurrencies are examples of Blockchain 3.0.

The main difference between Blockchain 3.0 and earlier versions is that it offers higher efficiency, scalability, interoperability, and programmability. And its predecessors through various innovative technologies such as sharding, cross-chain communication, side chains, virtual machines, etc.